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Bridget O’Sullivan Graduate from The Award in Nutrition ITEC LEVEL 3

Food and how we use it, abuse it & need it has always fascinated me, so much so that it was time to take my interest to a level where I could feel confident and qualified to help others understand the importance of food, how to use it for fuel in the right way and to help women, in particular, to stop dieting and start looking at food differently.

I came across Rogue Institute and their ITEC Award in Nutrition and having spoken to Kelly, director of teaching at the Institute, I felt it was the right match for me.

Having completed the course now I would have to say it was a wise decision and I feel so grateful for the opportunity to learn from Kelly. She gives so much information, and you can tell she wants the best for her students and goes above and beyond to help. Her teaching style is interactive, interesting, informative and she encourages you to think for yourself.

There is a lovely family-like atmosphere at Rogue, the class sizes are small so it makes for a very personal learning experience. I didn’t want the course to come to an end, the other attendees were so lovely, Kelly was brilliant and I just wanted to keep picking her amazing brain for longer ! I look forward to my continued path in Nutrition and feel reassured that Kelly and the Institute are there to help and mentor us to be the best we can be. – Bridget O’ Sullivan



Aisling Vaughan Graduate From the Diploma in Personal Training ITEC LEVEL 3

My experience of The Rogue Institute has been a very positive and enjoyable one indeed.

Kelly Berry, course director and teacher is a very talented and knowledgeable individual who always has her students’ interests at heart and her love for the fitness industry, both in the gym and the classroom, is obvious. She uses her invaluable years of experience in the industry to engage and teach her students and I have always found Kelly to be approachable, helpful and reassuring.

All aspects of gym instruction and personal training were covered in detail on the course as well as nutrition and practical business advice. Additional modules were also made available to students to enhance their future employability.

Kelly and the other teachers ensured we were more than prepared for practical and written exams and was there to answer any questions or solve any issues that arose.

I found her to be extremely engaging and entertaining in the classroom which also meant we had plenty of fun along the way! In addition to the quality of teaching at Rogue Institute, it also boasts a fully equipped gym and classroom in the lovely setting of Kinsale which also makes for an enjoyable experience for its students.

Having graduated from the course, I know that Kelly and the staff at Rogue will continue to mentor and be available to their students should they need help going forward and I would recommend the course to anybody who wants to pursue a career in the fitness industry.



Sonja McCarthy  Student On Diploma in Personal Training ITEC LEVEL 3

I have always been a very sporty and competitive person. I used to be a competition swimmer and also very much enjoyed my gymnastics. I used to always be outside on my roller-skates well into my teenage years. When I was in my late teens I developed a passion for dancing and so I started to take salsa and bachata lessons. I also have a big passion for hiking.


When I was in my mid 20’s I started fitness classes with weights and found a new passion. I loved the changes in my body and seeing the progress. That made me want to go again and again. Then there was a point that I felt I’d love to take it further and do a course to learn everything to do with health and fitness, I have never been a confident person and I never took the step. Then I moved over to Ireland with my then boyfriend and now husband and kids came along… My 2 monsters 🙂 and so a busy life as a house wife. 4 years ago I got back into exercise and again my passion for the gym grew. Lack of confidence has held me back over the years and I started thinking it’s now or never… The thought of never really made me feel I was going to miss out on something I have so badly wanted to do for so many years and so I took the step!! It’s my time to shine 🙂


I am so enjoying the course and learning from a fabulous teacher Kelly and my fellow students. Learning all about the human body, nutrition etc. All very interesting! I can’t wait to find out where my passion and new knowledge is taking me and hope to help others with their journey to a healthy lifestyle.


Katie O’Brien  Student On Diploma in Personal Training ITEC LEVEL 3

My name is Katie O’Brien, I’m 22 and from Bantry, Cork.  I started this course because I have always had an interest in fitness and training.

I have learned so much in such a short amount of time at Rogue Institute!

When I finish the course I hope to continue to work in the health and leisure industry and to use the skills I have learnt to help others reach their goals.


Sam Ho Student On Diploma in Personal Training ITEC LEVEL 3

Staying fit and healthy is a big part of my life, I have been going to the gym for many years thinking I knew what I was doing, I was wrong. I hope to walk away with a better understanding about the physiology and the mechanics of the body.

I always wanted to help people and this course will give me a qualification and the opportunity to assist people on their journey in improving their health and their lifestyle.

I am passionate about personal training and hope to make a difference in the future.

Andrew Judge Student On Diploma in Personal Training ITEC LEVEL 3

My name is Andrew and I’m 25 years old. After being fairly active through school I stopped when I started college. After a 3 year break when I started working out again I felt the benefits of it and it has become and integral part of my life. I decided to start this course because I want to have the knowledge and ability to train and help other people on their fitness journeys.

I chose Rogue Institute to do my training at because it is an ITEC internationally recognized course so when I finish the possibilities are endless. Also Kelly and the team are all super qualified and really know what they are talking about.

So far we have delved into the human anatomy. Who knew the body was so complicated?

Can’t wait to see where the next few months take us on this course and then the career afterwards.


Isaac Sloley Student On Diploma in Personal Training ITEC LEVEL 3

I’m finding the Personal Trainer course at Rouge Institute extremely enjoyable, Kelly our teacher is an excellent tutor and I have gained so much knowledge while having a bit of craic in our group and making new friends.

I am now currently doing some work experience in my local gym with the chance for a full or part time job as a direct result from this course.

The course is full of interesting material and taught very well.   I’d recommend Rogue Institute and the ITEC Diploma in Personal Training to anyone who has a passion for health and fitness and looking to work in the industry.



Ciara O’Sullivan Student On Diploma in Personal Training ITEC LEVEL 3

Hi my name is Ciara. I started this course in Autumn 2016. The reason I chose this course is because I always had an interest in health and fitness. I find the course to be an excellent insight to the fitness industry. So far I have learned anatomy and physiology along with fitness and generally how the body works. I have gained a lot of confidence since I started in rogue institute. Our tutor Kelly is very helpful and has her students best interest in mind.

After the course I plan on working in a gym as a personal trainer, and i am also interested in speaking with the youth, calling to schools and talking about the benefits of exercise on mental health.

I am extremely happy with the course and I would recommend it to anyone with an interest in health and fitness you won’t regret it.!!


Amy Murphy Student On Diploma in Personal Training ITEC Level 3

I am halfway through my studies here at the Rogue Institute and really enjoy it!  There were a number of reasons for picking this course.  Firstly I have always had a keen interest in health and fitness, I felt it was a good choice to learn more and explore a career in the industry.  Another reason was the fact that a part time course and the hours suited me with trying to juggle work, my child and the other obstacles life throws at you.

The knowledge I have gained in the past four months has been amazing, I have learnt so much including how the body works, different aspects of nutrition and how the fitness industry is a lot more than people just wanting to look good in the mirror..

Our tutor Kelly is so knowledgeable and even though the course is part-time, we receive full-time support!  Kelly is always there to answer our questions and help us.

Upon finishing this diploma I hope to gain more experience by going out and working in the industry, I feel confident to do this because of the real life work experience Rogue Institute has provided me with.  In the future I would love to venture into chronic disease prevention, inspired by my tutors.


Luke Sloley Student On Diploma in Personal Training ITEC Level 3

My name is Luke Sloley I started my term in Rogue Institute in 2016, I started to go the gym 2 years previous because of the health benefits, from that I wanted to gain more knowledge related to the health benefits of exercise and also to pursue a career in the health industry using fitness as medicine essentially.

I was concerned about the academic side (anatomy and physiology etc.…) of it as I have always been more practical but the way the course is delivered and taught by the lecturers they really broke it down in a way that it just made sense to me and very easy to understand, what I have been thought with regard to how our body works, how exercise and nutrition effects our bodies and even our moods is astonishing and the level of knowledge I have gained already coming from rogue institute is just mind blowing altogether.

I got concerned also as there was not much practical work in the gym and being a more practical person myself anyway, I found from the course I have gained such an understanding of correct body posture and alignment I have been able to enforce and incorporate good techniques to any new exercise I tackle and have the knowledge to assign the correct exercises depending on a person’s specific goals and needs.

This is a great course and highly recommended  for anyone just looking just to gain knowledge in the health and fitness industry or to pursue a career in the industry also with lecturers offering their knowledge after completion of the course who have years of valuable knowledge working with chronic disease prevention through exercise or working to get their clients the body they want, so there knowledge is vast on both spectrums of the industry and is offered even after the course is finished.

Big thanks and well done to Kelly Berry for delivering a fantastic course in a fun easy to understand manner.



David White Student On Diploma in Personal Training ITEC LEVEL 3

My name is David White and I am half way through my Diploma in Personal Training course at Rogue Institute.

So far the information I’ve learned and the experience I have gained has being excellent.

My tutor Kelly is always there to help which is great because I wouldn’t be the fastest learner when it comes to theory.  She brakes it down so that I can understand.

Everything I have learnt can be used in everyday life, not just with the fitness and gym arena.

I currently work as a health care assistant and I’ve already brought the information and knowledge I have gained from Kelly to work and it’s amazing to see changes in people .

I really can’t praise this course enough and the great teachers at Rogue Institute.

I have also made some great friends, the facilities are fantastic and very professional, but Kelly teaches in a fun and relaxed way, which puts me at ease.

I never thought I’d say I look forward to going to college!



Radenko Savanovic Student on Diploma Personal Training ITEC Level 3

My name is Radenko and I am a student here in Rogue Institute.  I always had a big interest in the Health and fitness industry before I ever started this course. I researched different fitness courses around the area but I made the decision to choose this course in Kinsale with Kelly Berry and this was the best decision of my life because the course was every second weekend so I was still able to work full time and study. Kelly and the team helps you to absorb and learn all what you need for you to become one of the best personal trainers and fitness leaders around.

The course layout is brilliant. You will learn a lot about anatomy and physiology, safe ways of using gym equipment, working with clients, Nutrition and of course practical work in gym which I like the most.

I am now half way true this course. I have met a lot of friends and I really enjoined my experience in Rogue Institute. When I finish this course, I am planning to work as a personal trainer and to help people to reach their goals, and I would love to open my own gym.

So guys if you are planning to change your carer or you are interested in fitness this is right place for you. Rogue Institute creating inspirational fitness leaders.


Ronan Cunningham Student on Indoor Cycling Course ITEC Level 2

Before starting my Indoor Cycling course I honestly did not enjoy cardio of any kind but saw it as something that just had to be done (not very often I must admit!). However after the course I found a new perspective and a new level of respect for indoor cycling. It was brutal, tough, challenging and downright sweaty, everything I look for in my training plans. It was cardio with a serious kick, something I feel like putting into a more regular routine.

The course itself was fantastic, professionally run, enjoyable, insightful and challenging. With a few years group teaching fitness classes and outdoor sports I was confident in my own ability to teach, but felt like I needed to learn the lingo and the movements, but most importantly the timing and transitions, all of which I felt were taught perfectly.

I thoroughly enjoyed my time with Rogue Institute and I will certainly be booking in for more courses in the not so distant future.



Nicolle O’Donovan Student On Diploma in Personal Training ITEC LEVEL 3

My name is Nicolle O’ Donovan and I am currently studying to be a personal trainer at Rogue Institute with Kelly Berry as my lecturer, I find this course to be suitable as I work full time so it being every other weekend is perfect for my busy schedule.

Kelly is always just a message away if I have any problems with the assignments or general questions. I’ve studied many courses but find this one to be most enjoyable and I would highly recommend it to anyone interested in the fitness industry as the knowledge I have gained from this course has already set me up to work comfortably in any gym environment and increased my confidence in my abilities.

I’m really looking forward to embarking on a new career as a fitness professional!