Personal Trainers…. No longer exclusive to athletes and celebrities!


How many times have we started off in the gym with great enthusiasm, only to lose focus and momentum after only a few weeks?  In today’s world of hectic jobs, deadlines, raising children and generally finding it difficult to motivate ourselves into doing some exercise, people are turning more and more to personal trainers for help. Kelly Berry of Rogue Institute, a newly established college in Kinsale, Co Cork, creating inspirational personal trainers and fitness leaders, comments, “The role of the personal trainer is changing rapidly. From my past years spent in London training international royalty and celebrities to today – where ordinary people with ordinary lives are embarking on health and fitness missions with a personal trainer.”


Kelly holds a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Exercise and Nutritional Science and has worked with people with all levels of fitness abilities including athletes, cardiac rehabilitation patients and people suffering from metabolic conditions such as diabetes. Specialising in all areas of health and fitness, she is particularly passionate about disease prevention and mental wellbeing. Her role in the new Rogue Institute is training fitness leaders and personal trainers in fitness, disease prevention and mental wellbeing, who will be able to use their skills and qualifications in 38 countries around the world.


Kelly lists the benefits of working with a personal trainer –



One to one personal training can push you that little bit harder to achieve realistic goals.  As it’s all done on an appointment system, you have the added incentive of knowing your trainer is waiting, so you’re less likely to miss training sessions.


Advice and guidance on health and nutrition

With an unprecedented amount of nutrition and health information available, it’s impossible to understand it all.  The personal trainer can give informed guidance on how to support an active body in the best nutritional needs.


Proper technique/Injury prevention

If you’re out of shape, a personal trainer will guide you on the road back to fitness and health, lessening the chance of injuries which can set people back months. Others seeking one to one help, are sometimes themselves coming back from an accident or an injury.


Maximise your workout time in the gym

Instead of wandering from one station to the next, you use your time with the trainer to maximum effect and maximum results. Trainers not only set realistic goals for each workout, but will teach you how to optimise a session to target different muscle groups.


Personal training programmes

The trainer writes a programme specifically for you. Whatever your goals, you will be guided to reach them. Anyone interested in partaking in a sport would be well advised to seek out a personal trainer with a background in sports conditioning. A good personal trainer will ensure your training is sport specific and so targets the movements and muscle groups you need to improve for the relevant sport.


Building a relationship with the trainer can help you manage stress

Whether it’s to share your goals, your successes, disappointments or whatever path you are on, the time with a personal trainer can often be a great way to talk and unburden your problems. Often clients find that having an objective person to offload on can be a great way of relieving stress. Kelly has a wealth of experience in using exercise as a means of treating mental health issues and comments “mental wellbeing is an integral part of health and fitness training, numerous studies have shown that exercise causes what is known as neural regeneration – in short you learn to deal with stressors more effectively, having a personal trainer’s guidance ensures you are exercising at the right intensity to bring about these changes”



Whether your goal is to lose weight or your coming back from injury, the work you do with a trainer is hard to achieve in a group dynamic. Your programme is tailored to you. Kelly adds “It is essential that an individual seeking to hire a personal trainer does their homework, ensuring the trainer is experienced and accredited by an established governing body such as ITEC”

Rogue Institute’s highly accredited ITEC Personal Training certificate is open to anyone with a level 2 qualification within the field of fitness and is often recognised as a natural progression from the level 2 gym-based instructor qualification.  This can pave the way for the development of their own business or a Rogue Institute Fitness High Flier partnership where they will receive guidance and business mentoring.


This part-time course is a blend of practical and theory work commencing Saturday, 27th May and running Saturday & Sunday 9am-5pm (Every other weekend) over 18 teaching weekends.

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