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Rogue Institute will produce internationally recognised, highly qualified, inspirational Health and Fitness professionals. We are committed to producing leaders in the Health and Fitness field. Our aim is to produce a new generation of fitness professionals equipped to prevent and manage chronic diseases.

The Rogue Institute envisions an Ireland in which obesity and other preventable diseases are on the decline because the key information providers have been educated, empowered, and granted responsibility to inspire others to be physically active and committed to healthy choices. The Rogue Institute intends on being a pioneer in the decline in obesity and chronic diseases, and the professionals we certify, support and represent will have substantially contributed to this movement.

The first step in producing high quality fitness professional leaders is to assemble a team of lecturers who each excel in their respective areas of specialty. We have brought together a range of the most sought after lecturers and mentors to ensure the highest standard of programme delivery. Our multidisciplinary team of lecturers consists of experienced practitioners and innovators in their fields.

To be the best you must learn from the best.

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