Alison Chambers MSc Exercise and Nutrition Science

Alison started her fitness journey in New Zealand when travelling after completing her Bachelor Degree at UCD. On returning home she enrolled in a gym instruction and personal training course in Dublin and started working as a lifeguard and receptionist in a local gym.

Since then she has run numerous classes, initiated personal training in her gym and run many community based programmes including Project Weight loss in conjunction with the Cork Sports Partnership. Over the last five years she has up skilled in many ways. Including short course like: Reebok Cycle, Reebok Bodysmart, Boxercise and Exercise for the Older Adult, as well as completing her MSc in Exercise and Nutrition Science with the University of Chester, graduating with an award of Merit. Her research considered the effect of ‘exercise identity’ on exercise adherence in a specific population.Alison

She has a great interest in all sports has competed with the Natural Bodybuilding Federation of Ireland and will soon start her powerlifting journey. Standing on stage involves very specific training and nutrition protocols and her experience has taught her a great deal about body composition and adaptations to training.

Her philosophy, which has developed after working with a great number of clients and putting her own body through some hugely intense experiments, is that we need to look at activity differently if we are to stick to it. We are made to move and when we become accustomed to being active and looking after ourselves, there is no going back.