Kelly Berry MSc EX. Phys. Nut.r – Dir. of Education & Principal

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Kelly Berry is Director of Education at Rogue Institute and has had over 20 years of experience as a Personal Trainer and also holds Bachelor and Master’s degree’s in Exercise and Nutritional Science.


Kelly began her career as a personal trainer over 20 years ago and have worked for some of the most exclusive gyms in London. During which time she obtained a Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree in Exercise and Nutrition Science, resulting in  professional title as Exercise physiologist and Nutritionist.

Throughout her career she has worked with many different people from all walks of life and fitness abilities, they include elite athletes, cardiac rehabilitation patients and people suffering from metabolic conditions such as diabetes.

Kelly has also been lucky enough to be asked to inspire and motivate people through her ideas as a fitness and wellbeing writer for various media publications.

In recent years Kelly has become increasingly involved in the psychological wellbeing of exercise and her work and research contributed towards a nomination for the Biomnis Health Initiative Award in 2012; as Kelly developed a service to promote the health, fitness and nutritional needs of young people living within the care system in Ireland.

Kelly expanded upon her original brief by also developing an educational course designed for young people leaving care to assist them in adopting healthier lifestyle choices at times of crisis and distress. A body of research was also produced investigating the potential of fitness as a legitimate therapy for children at times of crisis, working cohesively with psychological and occupational therapies.

Whilst working for the University of Westminster, Kelly developed and delivered corporate wellness days and seminars.  Duties also included lecturing to first and second year students on the sport science and human health science degrees.

Kelly’s role as a research associate for the Bioscience department at the University  involved researching multidisciplinary approaches to community health initiatives and disease prevention. Her core research was to investigate how regular resistance exercise and low GI foods effect the physiological responses and outcomes of an individual suffering from a metabolic disorder.

Kelly has a wealth of experience working in a variety of managerial, mentoring and lead roles in all aspects of health promotion and education and it is now with great pleasure and dedication she leads the Rogue Institute.

Kelly is looking forward to inspiring all our Rogue Institute students and the lives they subsequently change.