Why Choose a Career as a Personal Trainer?

Amy O’Mahony, Operations Manager and Elite Personal Trainer at Rogue Fitness, Continual Professional Development Tutor at Rogue Institute talks about why she loves her job…



Throughout my life I have found myself gravitating towards exercise and fitness as a hobby, which I am fortunate to say has developed as both a passion and a career.
I consider myself extremely lucky to have grown up experiencing and competing in a range of sports – from swimming to GAA & orienteering, which has led to my commitment to helping others find the path to fitness that suits them, be it lifting weights at the gym, getting a sweat on in fitness classes, climbing mountains or swimming seas!
Becoming a Personal Trainer provided a career path and a platform for me to help people feel confident in their own abilities and inspired to take on anything.
On a personal level I am continually reminded and grateful for the positive effects exercise has on my own physical and psychological well-being, and constantly look for opportunities to develop and further my knowledge of the human body and it’s astounding capabilities.
I am both excited and proud of all of the opportunities and avenues a career in Personal Training has lead me to, and look forward to continuing to help people to push their limits, surpass their expectations and perform at their very best, whatever their best may be.