Amazing anatomy and Physiology facts!

Did you know there isn’t a moment that your body isn’t doing something incredible? It’s true! Your body is a well-oiled machine that works to keep you going each day. Here are some of the amazing things your body does constantly:



Your heart is known for pumping blood through your body at an incredible rate, but did you know that your kidneys process over 50 gallons (189.2 liters) of blood every day? That’s nearly double the amount the heart receives each day.



Some people refer to the brain as the body’s computer, and they’re not too far off the mark! In terms of memory storage, your brain holds approximately 1,000 terabytes. That’s the equivalent of 3 million hours of video—you’d have to watch it continuously for 300 years to see it all!



Your body is constantly in motion thanks to your muscles, but your extraocular muscles are the busiest skeletal muscles you have! They move over 100,000 times a day. Forget running on a treadmill—that’s the real work.


Lungs respiratory system

Ever see how big a tennis court is? This might shock you: your lungs may seem small in your chest, but their combined surface area is a whopping 70 m²! That’s the size of a singles tennis court!



Besides being the start of the digestion process, your saliva also prevents tooth decay and stops the tissues of your throat from desiccating. You produce 0.4 gallons (1.5 liters) of saliva every day. In your lifetime, you will produce enough to fill almost three 16 ft (5 m) swimming pools