Terms & Conditions

Deposit refers to the amount payable to the Rogue Institute to secure / reserve / hold a course place. The deposit amount is non- refundable unless the course or courses do not take place as all courses are subject to numbers. All payments must be made on or before specified dates. All courses are subject to numbers – deposits paid will be returned in the event of the courses not taking place. 90% attendance is compulsory for all ITEC programmes, or students may not be entered for exams. You must inform the college of any changes in name address / phone numbers / emails etc. Failure to do so could result in important information / correspondence not being received. Most correspondence will be conducted by email. The college reserves the right to change course content / exam times / exam dates / class times / fees / dates / timetables. You will need access to internet and email. All course fees must be paid in full as agreed. Funding will be reimbursed (if applicable) by the College when received from funding agency. The college is not responsible for exam results issued by awarding authority. Deposits and fees are not transferable and are non-refundable under any circumstances. All course fees remain payable should a learner fail to complete the course. Learners under the influence of alcohol or illegal substances should not attend classes. Fees are non-refundable if the course is interrupted or cancelled through unforeseen circumstances. Learners should make every effort to attend and be punctual at all classes. The College does not take any responsibility for any items/valuables belonging to learners while attend courses. Learners should pay all course/exam fees on specified dates (unless otherwise agreed). Fees may be paid by credit/laser card or cash at the office or cheque, bankers draft, direct debit or postal order. The college reserves the right to change class times, dates, trainers, products, materials, rooms and exams where necessary or due to external factors beyond our control. In extenuating circumstances the college also reserves the right to conduct training from a different venue other than the one which you commenced your training at. We also reserve the right to update/amend our learner handbook, terms and conditions and exam fees/payment plans/policies at any time. In the event of extenuating circumstances where by any course needs to be cancelled part-way through the college will refund learners for any parts of the programme (only) for which they have paid for and that was not completed. (Please note fees will not be refunded under any circumstances for certificates/diplomas that have been delivered in full by the college). It is not the policy of the college to cancel classes. In the event of classes been cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances The Rogue Institute will make every effort possible to reschedule classes within the time frame set out for completion of the programme. However in the event of this not been possible, and the need arising, theory classes will be replaced with practical classes were relevant. Replacement classes may not be on the same day/evening as that of the course learners enrolled on. The Rogue Institute will make every effort possible to reschedule cancelled classes although due to time restraints, availability of trainer/and or facilities this may not always be possible. A high level of attendance is expected from learners if enrolling on attendance based programmes (although some allowances can be made in extenuating circumstances).  In the event that your practical assessments (or any relevant course work) is/are not completed within the recommended timetabled classes you will not be allowed take your final practical assessment. (This will mean you will not receive your qualification as all elements of the programme will not have been completed.) In the event that you do wish to complete any outstanding course work or EA’s outside of the course timetable/timeframe, (and assuming we can accommodate your requests) there will be minimum fee of €500 for to facilitate this. Learners are not allowed to sell any products, equipment or services to other learners while attending programmes